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Floral Freeze Dry - How To freeze dry flowers:

  1. Allow flowers to mature to the state you would like them at when completed. (If you would like flowers such as roses to open up more, warm water will cause them to open quicker.)
  2. Allow flowers to absorb moisture naturally (e.g. in a container with water, vase, etc.) for 12 hours. Ensure that you use fresh blade-cut stems. Fluff heads if bunched together.
  3. Strip foliages off stem and cut stem to desired length. The stems will dry slower than the head, therefore the less stem, the faster the drying.
  4. Pre-cool the specimen chamber to -5 Degrees F. Turn the vacuum on for 10 seconds to seal the door (to hold refrigeration).
  5. Load flowers in/on rack as you prepare them, filling one rack at a time and then transferring into the pre-cooled flower chamber.
  6. Place blackout cover on door.  Leave interior light off. freeze at -5 degrees F for 24 hours.
  7. Turn vacuum pump on.
  8. Every two days increase temperature in flower chamber by -5 degrees F. (In ten days you will have ranged from -5 degrees F to +20 degrees F.)
  9. After 10 to 12 days, open equipment and check to ensure flowers are dried. Inspect by checking if flowers are cold to the touch (a dried flower will not be cold because it does not contain any moisture) and by dissection of selected samples.



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