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Regardless of your requirements, Freeze Dry Company, Inc. will supply you with the proper tool for your job. Whether you are looking for a small machine for a home based business, a larger machine for a retail outlet, or a very large machine for a wholesale operation, Freeze Dry Company, Inc. is your source for quality Freeze Dry Equipment. Our STANDARD EQUIPMENT has been designed for the slow extraction of moisture to keep aesthetic qualities of the dried specimen in tact. High volume needs? Contact us about our Custom Designed Equipment. These high volume machines are specifically engineered to handle your high production demands. And as always, you are welcome to ask about any Pre-Owned Equipment we may have in inventory. Freeze Dry Company, Inc..……… The name you trust, Quality you expect!

standard equipment


Model 2000

Perfect for the Home Based Business, the 2000-Benchtop machine has an interior product chamber of 18" x 34", with 4 removable shelves, including 12 square feet of tray space. This unit plugs into a 110v outlet and takes only a small amount of space with is exterior dimensions of 36" tall x 40" wide x 40" long. Excellent for drying wedding bouquets and other florals. Leasing Options are available.


Model 2400

Excellent Starter Model, the 2400 features a LED digital temperature display for easy readout and a thermostatically controlled product chamber. Isolation valve system insures efficient defrost; Multiple shelf/tray system provides maximum loading efficiency and over 30 square feet of drying capacity. Leasing Options are available.


Model 3600

Most Popular Freeze-Dryer, the 3600 has a self-contained refrigeration system with over 75 square feet of freeze-dry capacity. Isolation valve system for efficient defrost; Multiple shelf/tray system provides maximum loading efficiency; Lightweight aluminum trays. Leasing Options are available.


Model 3800

Most Cost-Effective High Production Unit, the 3800 is designed for utilization in high volume operations such as floral processing. Isolation valve system insures efficient defrost; Liquid radiant heat combined with efficient refrigeration system decreases drying time. Multiple shelf/tray system provides over 88 square feet of drying capacity; Interior fan hastens pre-freeze; Lightweight aluminum trays speed heat transfer. Leasing Options are available.

custom equipment



With your input we can produce a machine to suit your particular application.

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